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Our services

At Write As Rain, we specialise in the art and science of writing for wellbeing. We work with both professionals using writing with clients, as well as directly with individuals who wish to use writing for self-development. 


We offer four core services: 


Introduction to Expressive Writing - these are private sessions that provide an introduction to Expressive Writing. They are provided over Skype/phone or instant messenger and are 50 minutes long. We provide sessions for individuals using writing for themselves and for professionals using writing with clients. For more information please click here


Counselling and Writing Therapy - we offer a counselling service with a focus on Expressive Writing (aka journalling and/or writing exercises). Sessions can be undertaken entirely via our secure email system; or via Skype/phone or instant messaging. For more information please click here. Or to begin email therapy please click on the 'Get Started' link below. 

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Goal Achievement Programme writing is a key element of goal achievement. Our goal setting programme integrates the use of writing with current research on goal setting and psychology. Sessions are available via email, Skype/phone or instant messaging. 

You can download our programme on setting mindful, positive goals from Amazon (see below).  


Workshops, Groups and Programmes - we run group workshops on Expressive Writing in South London. We also provide lectures and presentations on Expressive Writing to a range of organisations: and support individuals and organisations to develop and deliver their own programmes. For more information, please click here


Mindful Goal Setting Book Title  

All services are £40 per session. If you are experiencing financial hardship we offer discounted rates of 75% (£30) or 50% (£20) depending on your circumstances.