Write As Rain


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To read a full review by a first-time user please visit http://soulofwit.com/2013/09/21/Write-As-Rain-An-Online-Form-Of-Confidential-Therapy-And-Help


"I can highly recommend the online service provided by Write As Rain. I found Expressive Writing purely by chance at a time when I was experiencing deep deep troubles in my personal life. Although my problem remains, the email feedback I have received has helped me to make sense of my situation. It has also prompted me to see things from a different perspective and provided me with tools that I can use to work on my issues between sessions. It has been instrumental in helping me to cope with this painful time.

Within just a few sessions I have found that my outlook and ability to cope with the situation have improved beyond all recognition. The understanding and non-judgemental approach has helped me gain insight into my situation and produced results far beyond my expectations. I would happily recommend the service that Write as Rain provides to anyone with deep-seated issues that other approaches have failed to address." - Julie E, United Kingdom.


"The writing is a gentle and effective way to work through stuff, both known and buried.
— name withheld, London, United Kingdom. 


"I am a writer by profession and am used to writing about and clarifying relationship problems in my life but one recurrent nightmare had been haunting me for years and I could not put it to rest, despite how much I discussed it with friends and family. Jenna and Caroline's letter service, in just one email, hit the nail on the button and gave me such insight, such peace. The situation still exists but it is no longer in my head to be analysed or resolved. It is not my problem anymore." - Emma K*, London, United Kingdom


*Psuedonym used as requested by client