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Group Workshops


Are you interested in organising a course, talk or workshop on Expressive Writing? If so, keep reading.

What we provide:
  • Expressive Writing/Therapeutic Writing classes, workshops and public speaking. 

  • In London and across the UK 


Who are they for: 
  • Organisations and their staff members
  • Counsellors, therapists and mental health professionals
  • Particular client groups
  • Support organisations 
  • Libraries 
  • Community Centres 
  • Individuals


What do they involve? 
  • Classes run for 60-90 minutes. Workshops run from a half day to two days. Public speaking events are as requested. 
  • A bespoke programme/presentation will be developed in collaboration with you, meeting the needs of your group. 
  • All sesisons involve a combination of information on the therapeutic benefits of writing, and undertaking writing exercises.
  • All sessions are carried out by an experienced and highly qualified therapist that specialise in therapeutic writing.


If you are interested in booking sessions for your organisation, or a public speaking event, please contact Caroline Macrory by clicking here.


The following is from one of our workshop participants:

"Facing a lot of life challenges and the pressure and stresses they throw on me, I discovered that when it comes to the time that I can not share my concerns with anyone. Through pouring out my worries on paper by writing, it helps me to empty out the toxicity within my heart. 

I call this a 'Self Counselling Method'...the moment I write those things on paper, I felt relieved as I will no longer be carrying an unbearable burden within me.  

It is indeed a helpful and "set-free" method that the world needs to be aware of" - Anonymous participant, New Voices Wagon Project workshop on therapeutic writing