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Writing Therapy FAQs


What is therapy? How is it different to counselling or psychotherapy?

At Write As Rain therapy covers both counselling and psychotherapy. Whilst the terms are very similar, there are some differences. Counselling is often used to refer to briefer treatment, and is usually focused on one behaviour, problem or issue. Psychotherapy refers to relatively longer-term treatments and is focused on chronic symptoms or problems, such as ingrained ways of thinking detrimental to wellbeing. Our therapists are able to practice both and will respond to your individual needs.


Will my writing be confidential?

At Write As Rain, we only use Hushmail email accounts for receiving and sending emails. Hushmail is an HIPAA-compliant private email server, providing accredited levels of privacy and security. Hushmail is recommended for online therapy by The Online Therapy Institute (click here for their recommendations). We comply with the Data Protection Act 1998 and ensure that all your records are stored securely (including encryption and password protection). There is an inherent level of risk associated with any internet correspondence, so whilst we do all we can to minimise any risk, taking part in online therapy is at the client's discretion. To read more about our privacy policy click here.


How can I stay anonymous?

At no point do you need to tell us your full name or details. You can opt to use a pseudonym (a fake name). If you would like to stay anonymous, we recommend you set up a new email address with your chosen pseudonym. You can set up a free, secure email account with Hushmail at www.hushmail.com. By linking this account with a Paypal account, you can also pay anonymously. Please note, due to being both an email-based and an anonymous service, we are unable to provide a suitable service for those in crisis. Please see the next question for more information.


Can I access this service if I am in crisis (if I feel suicidal, am at risk of harm, or if someone I know is at risk of harm)?

This service is unable to respond to crisis situations. This is for two reasons: a) we cannot respond quickly enough and b) we do not collect emergency contact details. If you are in crisis, we strongly advise you to seek immediate support from your local hospital, emergency services, or from a crisis service. If you are based in the UK or Republic of Ireland, call the Samaritans on:

08457 909 090 (United Kingdom)

1850 609 090 (Republic of Ireland)


What happens if I'm not happy with my writing?

Remember the process of writing itself is important, rather than the final product. Try not to worry about style, grammar and punctuation. The very act of putting your thoughts and emotions into written words is what is beneficial.


I might want to write more than 2000?

You must write as many words as you need and want to write. But we can only respond to 2000 at any one time. Your therapist will spend 50 minutes responding to your writing; 2000 words is about the right length for her to read, understand, analyse and write you a high quality and indepth response.


What should I expect from your response?

Our therapy service will both support and help you to experience the significant benefits of writing. Our response is likely to include some or all of the following: reflection of the ideas expressed; clarification of the feelings and emotions you described; drawing together any key issues and themes that have emerged; asking questions about the topics you have raised; offering suggestions about areas that you may like to explore next. It is the process of writing, communicating, expressing and exploring your feelings that is important; we will not offer suggestions on improving your writing style.


What will happen if I email several times within a couple of days?

We will respond to each piece of writing within three business days, and recommend you wait for our response before writing again. If you do submit more than one letter at a time, your therapist will respond to these in date order, replying individually to each letter.  


What if I have a specific problem that I want help with?

We will provide support with specific problems, to help you identify, clarify and explore options for resolving the issue. We will suggest specific writing exercises that help you in addressing particular concerns. Please note that we do not offer advice.


Can I stop seeing my therapist and just write to you instead?

This service is by no means intended to replace other beneficial therapeutic services, but it may be a useful addition to them. We'd like to know if you use more than one service, to help us ensure a consistent approach and the best possible support.


What happens if I'm not satisfied with the response?

We hope we have given you a good understanding of what Write As Rain can and cannot offer, and that you will be truly satisfied with our service. Please do, however, raise any concerns or complaints with us using our online enquiry form and we will address them within five working days.


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